Amazon Galvânica

Amazon Galvânica was created in 2010 for serving demanding customers who seek quality, honesty, ethics, and punctuality of electroplating services. Based on a market research, today Amazon is ranked among the 5 best electroplating companies in Limeira.
We feature:
• More than 700 square meter built area;
• Effluent treatment, gas scrubber, and ionic exchange water recovery, thus avoiding environment contamination;
• Skilled labor;
• State-of-the-art equipment for assuring high layer leveling and distribution, shining and durability of parts;
• Inmetro-checked and sealed scales;
• We have a camera monitoring system for providing more safety to our customers and employees.

MISSION - Transform expectations into satisfaction.
VALUES - Cooperation, Transparence, Honesty, Personnel Valorization, Quality, Ethics
VISION - Excellence in transforming raw parts into natural jewelry.

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